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Sungai Lembing 4WD Adventure Packages Rainbow Waterfalls / Air Terjun Pelangi

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Day Trip 4WD
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Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang  Malaysia

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Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town 42 km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang, Malaysia. Lembing is Malay for spear, and "sungai" means river. Per local legend, the local ruler saw a vision of a spear in the nearby river and thus named his town after this vision.

Until the 1970s, Sungai Lembing was a major producer of underground tin. Sungai Lembing town developed in the 1880's when the British set up the tin mining industry, although the history of mining in this area extends much further back. From 1891, the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited, (PCCL), which was under British control, had a 77-year lease to mine the area. PCCL managed the mine from 1906 until its liquidation in 1986 when world tin prices collapsed.

The pit mines were closed in 1986 due to high operational costs and low yields, but during their heyday they were among the largest and deepest in the world. The total tunnel length is 322 km, with a depth of between 610 m and 700 m. A museum highlighting the tin mining industry was opened in 2003. The museum is housed in an old bungalow once used by the mine manager. The museum houses a collection of mining artifacts.

Today the town of Sg Lembing is in decline although it was once the richest town in Pahang, known as El Dorado of the East. In the 1940's about 1400 people worked in the mine. Today many of the wooden shoplots are closed and people are moving away. The town straddles the river, and the main street on the right bank is split by an avenue of majestic trees. At the end, an old wooden building overlooks the padang where games of cricket and other social activities were held.
Zip Lock Bag
Mineral Water
Guides (Qualified First Aider)
4WD Transport
Transport throughout the journey (to and fro hotel)
Extra clothing to change
Medication (if necessary)- First Aid Kit is with Guide
Camera (optional)
Personal Toiletries (Environment Friendly)
Casual t-shirts with long/short pants
Jungle trekking shoes/sandals/sport shoes
Extra pair of slipper/shoes (in case of emergency i.e. shoes worn out)
Full Day 4WD Off Road Experience
Venue : Sungai Lembing Kuantan Pahang
Package Rate :  RM 450.00 per person (minimum 2 persons) 

Package Includes :

4WD vehicles up to 4 persons per vehicle

Personal accident insurance of RM 500.00 

Lunch and cold drinks refreshments

Tour per itinerary

Package Itinerary

0700 hrs Pick up from hotel and briefing
0900 hrs Start Drive to 4WD Trail Head (approx 2 hrs)
1200 hrs Start of 4WD Adventure (1.5 hrs depending on terrain)
1300 hrs Reach waterfalls. Lunch at waterfall
Jungle Trekking / Free and Easy (swimming, a walk in the jungle, photography, and etc.)
1600 hrs Start 4WD Adventure
1900 Reach Trail Head and head back to hotel
Participants should note that an adventure trip involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our guest, we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss  due to the action of clients which are beyond our control. A signed release or Indemnity Form will be required from all participants.

We and our partners reserve the right to make such alteration to departure and completion dates, reducing the extent of a trip, etc, that we deem necessary due to road, river or weather conditions or other conditions beyond our control including minimum safe running numbers, before and whilst on a trip.

Postponement notice will be provided by us or our partner prior to the trip. Due to bad weather or high water in which high risks is unavoidable or insufficient participants. All payment will be transferred to a later date of same trip scheduled or a full refund to guest if services not rendered.

Guest may postpone the trip to the later date but no cancellation shall be entertained. NO REFUND for cancellation by guest.

Day Trips        :   Booking has to be made at least 48 hrs prior to departure.
Overnight Trips:   Booking has to be made at least 14 days prior to departure
                         Full payment to be made upon confirmation of booking.


Rainbow waterfall is accessible from Sungai Lembing town which is located 45 kilometres from Kuantan. 

Sungai Lembing used to be a busy mining town and housed the largest underground tine mine in the world - today it is almost deserted since it is simply no longer economic to continue mining in the area.

From Sungai Lembing to the starting point of the waterfall take about 45 minit driving time. In early day we need to take 4WD to go into the starting point of this waterfall but now can just go in by car. After parking the car (is one of our camp site too) we need to cross the river and take one and half hour to trek into the waterfall.

This water is a bit difference with other waterfall, it is like a small mountain that has been sliced out a small piece in the middle and we just follow the sliced out part trek into there. At the end of the trek, a big natural vertical wall appear in front of us and 75 degree slope on both side grow with small plants.
The water is broken up and reaches the bottom as mist and in the process forms a rainbow usually between sunrise and 11am when the sun is at a certain angle. Is this place is a garden it must be the most beautiful waterfall garden in Malaysia. 
Half Day Package - 4WD
Package Rate :  RM 180.00 per person with 4WD minimum 5 persons ex-Kuantan

Rainbow at 10.00 am
Rainbow at 10.15 am